Key to being ready to hit the slopes at any time 

It may be that with all the uncertainty at the moment you are holding off on your ski holiday booking. So your usual ‘get fit for holiday’ countdown may have no start date. Well, there is some good news. You can start a more sustainable program now that will keep you ready at any time to hit the slopes.

In some cases, people who leave it too late often tend to rush pre-holiday fitness programs. This can have disadvantages such as:

  • Overloading exercise too quickly risking injury, skipping important training methodology and learning the correct technique.
  • Have no time to focus on strength development. This is the key element in good snowsports performance and reducing injury risk.
  • Going too hard too quickly can often put people off fitness because it can be less enjoyable.
  • YO-YO style training is not sustainable.

Starting a program now so that you can be ready at any time to hit the slopes is actually better. You now have the time to make something that works for you and that you can use more sustainably for all aspects of life, not a program that you will just give up after your holiday is over.

Here are some tips to design a more sustainable, snowsports ready fitness program:

  1. Mesure/ Record exercise – for example you may start with a basic body weight lunge and then be able to perhaps add weight after a period of time when this becomes easier. Measuring progres is a great way to motivate and promote sustainable change in your body.
  2. Include lower body strength and progressive overloads. Strength is a precursor to power. Being better at these elements in our lower body will really help to transfer into performance in the powder!
  3. Use the pros – If you are inexperienced in strength/power work use an industry professional to teach you how to perform the movements correctly and how to fit them into a progressive program according to ability.
  4. Enjoy it – design a weekly program that you can stick to. Make it fun, include things you enjoy,
  5. Remember your Why – visualise yourself having a great day on the slopes, keeping up with your friends and showing them how much you have improved since the last holiday!
  6. Know your body – mobility for snowsports – how well does my hip shift left and right? Work with your body not on your body. Focus on quality of movement
  7. Educate yourself – Find out why exercises help you to do certain things? Don’t become a robot performing a routine but understand why exercises work and how you can improve.
  8. Get feedback –  Pay attention to the quality of your exercises – just like you would in skiing, try to record some of your exercises on your phone and look to get feedback. Are you noticeably better on one side? Do you notice your body twisting more
  9. Play sports – if you play a sport then use this in your program. If you don’t then perhaps try taking up one! Sports like squash, rollerblading, tennis, hockey, basketball football are all good sports that incorporate multi-directional movement and coordination like are transferable to snowsports.