It seems obvious: our job is to get you to pass an exam. We do that. Our trainees have incredibly high pass rates on various exams (our best was 80% on BASI level 4 exams one year). We achieve this uniquely high pass rate through our approach which is unique in ski instructing, but commonplace for athletes in all sports.

Good skiing is good skiing, regardless of where you’re from or in what ski instructor system you are qualifying. We have trained skiers from the Australian, Danish, Irish, Canadian, Bulgarian, Swiss and British systems. Physics, biomechanics and equipment work the same regardless of instructor affiliation.

For a decade, we have perfected a training approach that works: we focus on fundamentals, we are patient in getting them ingrained, we don’t swap trainers because continuity is key for the process. It’s similar to coaching athletes in any sport.

Learning new movement patterns (and getting rid of old ones) takes time and can be frustrating. We have the experience and patience to help you learn how to cope with the mental aspects of improving and performing under pressure.

Being a good ski instructor involves more than being a good skier. Through our methods, our trainees come away with a much deeper understanding of skiing, how to teach and how to analyze skiing. Ultimately, our trainees learn how to be great ski instructors.

The results: about 50 passes on the BASI level 4 technical exam so far.


In response to the many enquiries from trainees who wanted to train with us for their ISIA/level 3, we are so excited to have the opportunity to offer ISIA/level 3 training through Level Up. We have adapted our renowned full cert program to fit the requirements of the ISIA/level 3. We offer the opportunity to work when you are not training through different schools in Verbier – Work + Train. If you want to focus solely on your training, we can accommodate that as well – Fasttrack.

Examples of what you are going for:

  • PSIA Level 3
  • BASI level 3
  • IASI level 3
  • DAPSI level 3
  • APSI level 3
  • Simply improving your skiing


This is for those of you who are aiming for the highest certification in your instructor system. You have your ISIA stamp and are looking to finalize your exams. This includes both Work + Train or FastTrack (see more below).

Examples of what you are going for:

  • NZSIA Trainers Cert
  • DAPSI Trainers Cert
  • BASI Level 4
  • APSI level 4
  • IASI Level 4
  • CSIA Level 4
  • Swiss Patente
  • Simply improving your skiing


We have created this option to accommodate those of you who are not able to obtain a Swiss visa and are limited to a 90-day stay in Switzerland. We will deliver the 200 training hours within a period that will allow you to take the tech exam within the 90 days.

Examples of what you are going for:

  • Full Cert
  • Level 3/ISIA
  • Simply improving your skiing